New Craft
XXI Triennale di Milano

Milano, Fabbrica del Vapore

April 2016

A technological revolution is disrupting established modes of production and design. More and more accessible and easy to use 3D printers, NCR machines, sensors and software are redefining the meaning and value of craft know-how.

A new kind of manufacturing very different from 20th century paradigms arises where these two cultures meet, free from the assembly line, centred on the economics of variety and customization. The practices and artefacts handed down by tradition are being revived in a dialogue of different sensitivities; room is available for a culture of design based on the flexibility offered by the new technologies and on opportunities for the cross-fertilization of social and cultural values which finds its natural development in the Internet.

Far from supporting mindless passivity in the consumer, the products of our new manufacturing are now a way of raising the profile of relationships and projects, and the new artisans are consciously leading this trend. New Craft intends to explore and describe these transformations by showing their importance in terms both of economics and design.

La Triennale di Milano

Project architect
GEZA Gri e Zucchi Architetti

Project team
Curated by Stefano Micelli

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